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TJ Amigos Forum Rules

TJ Amigos Forum Rules Snapshot :

1. The primary purpose of this board is to bring together a group of individuals to discuss common interests about adult entertainment options that take place in Tijuana, Mexico and other parts of the world :

a. We are here to have fun and to share information about common interests.
b. Please keep posts positive and polite.
c. At all times please respect the other members. Follow the Golden rule- treat others the way you would like to be treated.

2. No Flames or Trolling :

a. You may not make personal attacks or insults on other members or staff either in public forums or private messages.
b. If it is your intention to upset someone, no matter how carefully you word it, then it is not allowed.
c. Threats of physical violence are NEVER allowed and will not be tolerated.

3. Racism :

a. There will be no racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discriminations.
b. Comments which criticize specific groups of people such as all Mexicans are, all Bar girls are, all Asians are...will not be allowed.
4. Membership Categories: Member and upgrade to Supermember :
5. Unacceptable topics are as follows :

a. Incest
b. Rape
c. Drug use and/or sale
d. Minors/Pedophilia
e. Bestiality
f. Solicitation
g. Blatantly criminal activities ( robbery, homicide ect)
h. No Spamming- You may not advertise or promote other companies or their products.
Basically, any topic that incites hatred, including hate speech, defamatory or discriminatory speech or speech depicting unlawful acts or extreme violence will not be allowed.

Please Note : The above cited rules are just intended to be a brief overview of our site rules. The complete board rules can be found in the New Members Forum section of the site.

We reserve the right to warn, sanction or ban any member who violates our rules or disrupts our community. We will be fair and provide a warning in most cases.

The moderators are here to interpret and enforce the spirit of the rules as fairly as they can but in the end their decision is final. Warnings or Bannings are kept confidential to the member concerned and the moderators. Remember, the site moderators volunteer their time to help ensure that a few bad apples dont destroy the fun for the other 99% of our members.

For further reading, please read the complete TJ Amigos Forum Rules.